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From Shed To Chic

From Shed To Chic

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Shed to Chic is about one woman's dream to turn her garage into a money-making holiday cottage. It shows that all it takes is drive and motivation, and that, by making the right choices with simple touches and the right attention to detail, you too can be inspired to create a perfect space for holiday lets. Not only is it a helpful guide offering practical advice and top tips on anything from building regulations and planning, to which holiday let company to choose, but it is also a story of endurance and determination which will inspire others. Kerrie Griffin-Rogers is a well-established interior designer and artist who founded the Interior Co in 1997, to offer interior lifestyle and products under one roof. In turn she worked her magic on "Turtledove Hideaway", when, with an investment of £10,000, she created a sought-after retreat for couples which is now listed with the selective Unique Home Stays. Her unique retreat, Turtledove Hideaway, has appeared on the front cover of an Italian magazine and has been featured in Germany and Canada as well as being featured in the Sunday Telegraph, The Times, and the Daily Mail along with House Beautiful magazine. Her work as an interior designer has been featured in many magazines including Country Homes & Interiors, 25 Beautiful Homes, Ideal Home and the high profile Italian magazine, Ristrutturare. Kerrie is a successful artist and two of her famous feather design paintings have just been sold to American clients, as a direct result of appearing in international interior magazines. The Times, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail have applauded her amazing creativity along with interior designers and architects from around the globe.
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Udgivet: 2014-04-23
ISBN: 9781783014262

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