The Seeker’s Guide to The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Mitch Horowitz

The Seeker’s Guide to The Secret Teachings of All Ages

The Seeker’s Guide to The Secret Teachings of All Ages

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A KEY TO THE MYSTERIES No other book in history has done more to clarify the Esoteric, mystical, and occult traditions of the world than Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Now, historian Mitch Horowitz provides the first companion work to Hall’s opus. The Secret Teachings of All Ages helps twenty=first-century readers enter and experience (or re-experience) Hall’s hallowed pages and also clarifies and expands on some of the book’s key themes and topics.

Mitch explores developments and historical discoveries since hall published his “Great Book” nearly a century ago and adds fresh dimensions to subjects including:

• The antiquity and legacy of Ancient Egypt.
• The mystical origins of the world’s major faiths.
• Strange beasts and anomalies in history and today.
• The origins and esotericism of Tarot.
• Secret Societies in Myth and Fact.
• The enduring relevance of astrology.

Authorized by Manly P. Hall’s Philosophical Research Society, The Secret Teachings of All Ages is a feast of esoteric exploration on its own and a worthy companion to history’s unparalleled encyclopedia arcana.

“Mitchis a fantastic tour guide to the fringes of reason, high weirdness, deep esoterica, secret societies, and mystery religions. ” –BoingBoing

“Has the rare gift of making the esoteric accessible to discerning masses. ” –HuffPost
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Forlag: G&D Media
Udgivet: 2020-10-01
ISBN: 9781722524135

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