My Life in Heavy Metal - Steve Almond

My Life in Heavy Metal

My Life in Heavy Metal

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From the New York Times–bestselling author and Dear Sugars columnist, an arousing story collection exploring modern love in the age of hook-up culture.

Steve Almond’s My Life in Heavy Metal presents twelve passion-fuelled stories—including his Pushcart Prize-winning story “The Pass”—that take a clear-eyed view of relationships between young men and women who have come of age in an era without innocence. These are powerful and resonant stories of love and lust that bring to life a generation’s search for connection in a fragmented world.

In the title story, an El Paso newspaper clerk assigned to review the heavy metal bands playing local arenas is drawn in by the primal music, fuelling a torrid affair with a Mexican-American woman that will change him forever. In “Geek Player, Love Slayer, ” a thirty-three-year-old woman harbours a secret crush on the young computer repairman in her office-until her ardor is unleashed at an after-work party. In “Valentino, ” two teenagers in their last summer before college experience a sexual awakening inspired by the romantic legend of a movie star from long ago.

A book The Guardian called “hip social satire, ” My Life in Heavy Metal captures the moments when the fires of passion burn over and subside into embers of pain and longing.

“A gifted storyteller … Almond writes with a loose, anthropological humour. ” —The New York Times Book Review

“Fourteen delightful debut stories. ” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Grove Press
Udgivet: 2018-11-20
ISBN: 9781555847890

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