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Religion og spiritualitet

23% More Spiritual!: Christians and the Fad

Forfatter: Rod Miller E-bog

Ever bought that one book that utterly changed your spiritual life, made it deeper, quicker, and 23% more efficient? Neither has anyone else, but that has not stopped the relentless manufacture of fad products and programs that promise a "better way." Fads, which have led to havoc in the wider culture, have also found their way into Christendom. Now we have specifically Christian examples of invented problems, with churches struggling over musical choices, carpet colors, and various techniques. Christians are frequently following the world, blissfully unaware in their thinking that "the new thing" must be better merely because it is new. 23% More Spiritual! examines some of the most well-known fads of the past century, provides a history of how we got here, outlines the problems in pursuing "the fad, " and offers a solution, one seeking goodness and perfection.

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