Letters to the Church - William B. Kincaid

Letters to the Church

Letters to the Church

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A critical presidential election looms before us. Whether you love Donald Trump or despise him, most everyone agrees that he masterfully keeps people and the country off-balance. His acerbic rhetoric, divisive priorities, and erratic leadership foster further division and widespread anxiety. That causes some Americans to go in search of any candidate who can defeat him in the upcoming election. For others, though, Trump's brash style, anti-establishment platform, hardline policies, and "Make America Great Again" promises are reasons to support him and work enthusiastically for his reelection.

Letters to the Church seeks to help compassionate, thoughtful Christians regain our bearings and find our voice and courage for honest, hopeful conversations in this de-centering era of Trump. These conversations will help recenter the church for faithful discernment, courageous imagination, and constructive engagement in the broader community. By doing so, the church can renew its own life and model what conversation and participation can look like in a time otherwise characterized by extremism, suspicion, fear, and gridlock.

Geared for use by both individuals and church study groups, the letters are organized into three sections: "What We are Experiencing Now, " "What We Hope For, " and "What We are Called To."
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Forlag: Wipf and Stock
Udgivet: 2020-06-12
ISBN: 9781725267121

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