Double Fugue - Aiden Vaughan

Double Fugue

Double Fugue

4 1 5 Forfatter: Aiden Vaughan
The second novel in the Hunter & Holmes series, Double Fugue continues to chronicle the adventures of Jason and Daniel that summer.

The title refers to the two intertwining stories of the book, and the psychological impact that its events have on the two people Jason and Daniel assist.
The main story line involves Daniel and his chance meeting with rock star Ethan Savage who is retiring from the music business and planning to give away most of his huge fortune from recording and publishing rights. When Daniel accidentally witnesses Ethan's mysterious disappearance and replacement by a double, he become involved in a very strange and troubling set of circumstances that end up having a major impact on his life. Daniel also discovers that there are many facets to music as he explores the pop side and learns about the concert/classical side through his interactions with Ethan Savage, Jason's friend Robert Fischer, and local educator and conductor David Molinari.

The other story line in Double Fugue begins when Marilyn and Jorge Ferreira, Jason's neighbors from down the block, knock on his door one evening and tell him how worried they are about their young nephew, 14-year-old Eric Acosta, who lives in Springdale, a small Monterey County town 70 miles south of the Silicon Valley. Eric apparently has been attacked, but refuses to talk about it with anyone, and seems to be withdrawing from communication with any adult, including his very concerned mother. Marilyn thinks that maybe Jason could get through to him, and asks him if he would be willing to try. Based on his own experiences as a crime victim and what he is told by the Ferreiras, Jason immediately senses that Eric has been victimized by a cruel predator.

Jason and Daniel, along with their adult friend and advisor, Mr. Joe Connor, quickly set out to visit Eric and try to get him to reveal what happened. What they discover and become involved in is quite disturbing and gut wrenching!
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Krimier Serie: A Hunter & Holmes Mystery: 2 Oversætter:

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Udgivet: 2009-03-15
ISBN: 9780982101414

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