The Wolf at the Door - Graham Shelby

The Wolf at the Door

The Wolf at the Door

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The country needs a strong king in this thrilling historical adventure of The Crusader KnightsAs Richard Coeur de Lion’s empire crumbles and castle after castle falls to the French, there is one man who can save England – but King John will not send for him.

England is in disarray: William Marshal, the King’s battle-scarred champion is left to dally at home with his new wife. King John himself is newly wed to Isabell of Angoulême, who will vie to outdo her husband with cruelty and spite. Called Lackland by some, as a measure of his wealth, Soft-sword by others, as the measure of his military prowess, King John is reckoned a poor choice to succeed his heroic brother, Richard the Lionhearted. But his terrible cunning can strike fear into the heart of the most courageous of men…

The fifth fascinating instalment of The Crusader Knights Cycle is perfect for fans of David Gilman and Bernard Cornwell.
‘Vivid visual moments and all the technology of medieval warfare’ Observer
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Forlag: Canelo Adventure
Udgivet: 2018-10-11
ISBN: 9781788632904

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