Any Approaching Enemy - Jay Worrall

Any Approaching Enemy

Any Approaching Enemy

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A desperate search for the one man who could turn the tide of war…

1798. The war between England and revolutionary France has reached a stalemate.

With rumours swirling that the French are secretly amassing a powerful fleet, the Admiralty dispatches Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson to investigate. But after a ferocious storm blindsides the squadron, Nelson’s flagship and two other ships go missing…

Putting his career on the line by disobeying direct orders, Captain Charles Edgemont sets out in pursuit of Nelson and the French fleet on a treacherous voyage.

As circumstances grow dire and require heroic action, the fate of the crucial battle effectively lies in Edgemont’s hands – as does the course of history.

A swashbuckling tale of brave men and thrilling naval assaults, perfect for fans of Patrick O’Brian, C. S. Forester and Dewey Lambdin.

Praise for Jay Worrall

‘Combining engaging characters, witty dialogue and rousing action, Worrall’s nautical series continues its promising start’ Publishers Weekly

‘Jay Worrall depicts the hearts and minds of the late eighteenth century with a facility I have seldom seen equaled’ David Poyer, author of That Anvil of Our Souls
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Mere info om e-bogen:

Forlag: Canelo Adventure
Udgivet: 2020-09-21
ISBN: 9781800321373

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