Brain Apps: Hacking Neuroscience To Get There - J.M. Best,Robert G. Best

Brain Apps: Hacking Neuroscience To Get There

Brain Apps: Hacking Neuroscience To Get There

4.28 60 5 Forfatter: J.M. Best,Robert G. Best Oplæser: Casey Best
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For years, most of us believed that remarkably talented people were born different, and that exceptional performance lay beyond our grasp. Now, groundbreaking neuroscience studies are revolutionizing our understanding of 'genius' and how it works. Brain Apps is the first book to consolidate that research into a unifying theory for radically boosting your achievement. Robert G. Best combines years of study with one-on-one interviews featuring renowned scientists like Karl Anders Ericsson, B.J. Fogg, and Arne Dietrich, as well as world-class experts across a wide range of fields. The result is a deep dive into seven key lessons needed to maximize the brain's true potential: growth mindset, goal strategy, willpower, deliberate practice, habit formation, creativity, and flow. Learn what a world-class chess player, a legendary musician, and a record-setting diver have in common. Discover concrete steps anyone can take to create useful automatic habits, or 'brain apps.' Gain real-world insights for better attitudes, better habits, and better performance-and in the process, unlock a few secrets of your own brain.
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Forlag: Authors Republic
Udgivet: 2017-10-14
Længde: 10T 27M
ISBN: 9781518968440

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