The History of Rome: Rise and Fall of the Empire - John Bagnell Bury

The History of Rome: Rise and Fall of the Empire

The History of Rome: Rise and Fall of the Empire

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The Principate
The Joint Government of the Princeps and Senate
The Family of Augustus and His Plans to Found a Dynasty
Rome and Parthia
The Winning and Losing of Germany
Rome Under Augustus
Literature of the Augustan Age
The Principate of Tiberius
The Principate of Gaius Caligula
The Principate of Claudius
The Conquest of Britain
The Principate of Nero
The Wars for Armenia
The Principate of Galba, and the Year of the Four Emperors
Rebellions in Germany and Judea
The Flavian Emperors
Britain and Germany Under the Flavians
Nerva and Trajan — the Conquest of Dacia
Literature From the Death of Tiberius to Trajan
The Principate of Hadrian
The Principate of Antoninus Pius
The Principate of Marcus Aurelius
Literature Under Hadrian and the Antonines
The Roman World Under the Empire — Politics, Philosophy, Religion and Art
Roman Life and Manners
Decline and the Last Years of the Roman Empire
The Constitution of the Monarchy
The Administrative Machinery
The Neighbours of the Empire at the End of the Fourth Century
The Supremacy of Stilicho
The German Invasions Under Honorius
Theodosius II and Marcian
The Dismemberment of the Empire in the West
The Empire of Attila
Leo I and Ricimer's Rule in Italy
Church and State
The Reign of Zeno, and the German Viceroyalty in Italy
The Reign of Anastasius I and the Viceroyalty of Theoderic
The Empire and Persia
Justin I and Justinian I
The Persian Wars
The Reconquest of Africa
The Reconquest of Italy
Diplomacy and Commerce
Administrative Reforms and Finance
Ecclesiastical Policy
The Legislative Work of Justinian
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Forlag: Musaicum Books
Udgivet: 2019-12-18
ISBN: 4064066051570

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