New Business Cultivation - Peter Skat-Rørdam

New Business Cultivation

New Business Cultivation

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New business creation as well as innovation in general are topics that are high on the corporate agenda. However, just like in nature, the relationship between the corporate "host" and the new business venture doesn’t always work well. Micromanagement by the corporate host can kill the creativity and initiative of the venture, or corporate neglect and underfunding can leave the venture without resources to move forward. Such relational problems often lead to venture results that don’t satisfy corporate executives. They also leave executives wondering how to design and manage this relationship.
This book explores various aspects of new business cultivation and how to practice it.
Cultivation is a set of management practices that can facilitate the beneficial relationship between the corporation and corporate new businesses. This new approach can help you getting the most out of a new business opportunity both as a corporate officer or as a corporate entrepreneur and new business creator.
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Forlag: L&R Business
Udgivet: 2010-11-02
ISBN: 9788711417300

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