Never Mind the Mind - Muz Murray

Never Mind the Mind

Never Mind the Mind

4,24 17 5 Forfatter: Muz Murray Oplæser: Muz Murray
Never Mind the Mind (36 mins.) Peace of Mind is No mind Is your mind bugging you? Delving deeply into that malfunctioning aspect of consciousness we call 'Mind', Muz Murray narrates this widely appreciated seminal chapter 'Never Mind the Mind' from his book 'Sharing the Quest.' If you are harassed by non-stop thinking, this is an important key to understanding how your fictitious 'mind' functions. The CD covers: * Is Your Mind making you ill? * How your thoughts create illness or energy * Are you repeating anti-mantras that are holding you back? * Where was mind when you grew from sperm? * Do you actually 'possess' a 'mind' or does it posses you? * How to understand your mental machinations * The key to overcoming the mind * Step by step observation of thoughts * The 'carpet-pulling technique to Serenity * Never Mind Mindfulness: practice Mindlessness If you are one who prefers to listen and absorb when relaxing in the bath, or driving in the car, or while cutting vegetables, giving a massage, or whatever, then this recording is for you! Reviews: ''Never Mind the Mind' is an example of the author's simple profundity... If we read and re-read this section regularly, it alone makes the book worth buying. But there is much more of similar value and no aspirant should be without Muz Murray as a compassionate guide.' Howard Kent- Television Yoga presenter and Founder-Editor of 'Yoga & Health' 'I learned more from this chapter than from all the indecipherable yoga books I have bought.' - Leslie Smith-Dow (Yoga Student) 'This is a priceless and wonderful chapter. It is a great tool for anyone wanting to overcome the stresses of life in understanding the nature of the mind. Everything is crystal clear! I would recommend to everyone, lucky enough to come across this article, to apply the guidance for their welfare and happiness.' Emptying the mind has been a turning point for me and changed my whole life... The mellow tone of his voice is easy to listen to.!' --Marianne Drommer (Therapist)
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2017-04-21
Længde: 37M
ISBN: 9781518948596

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