Political Power and Social Classes - Nicos Poulantzas

Political Power and Social Classes

Political Power and Social Classes

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"Poulantzas is a sophisticated Marxist theoretician who straddles the fields of sociology and political science. His book is one of the most thoughtful exercises in Marxist reinterpretation, and has justifiably won him widespread respect among many scholars. Recommended for all self-respecting college libraries as well as for seminars for graduate and more sophisticated seniors." Choice

"This is a book which deserves a very wide audience. Of great interest for Americans is the fact that he bridges Marxist and 'Western' social science writings with remarkable acuity. The translation is an excellent job." Journal of Politics

"It is Poulantzas' great virtue to have seen so clearly that an adequate Marxist theory of politics must be able to deal with just those phenomena which non-Marxists have regarded as decisive refutations of Marxism. His range of reference is impressive." Times Literary Supplement
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Udgivet: 2018-01-01
ISBN: 9781788731980

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