The Girl of Fire and Thorns Stories

av Rae Carson
6t 58m Läses av Jennifer Ikeda, Luis Moreno

Förlagets beskrivning

Get swept away in the world of Rae Carson's acclaimed, epic, New York Times best-selling Girl of Fire and Thorns series with these three novellas. Before Hector was Commander of the Royal Guard and Elisa's true love, he was a young new recruit. In The King's Guard , watch him prove himself—and uncover a secret that he must keep forever. In The Shadow Cats , discover how Elisa's rivalry with her older sister looks from Alodia's point of view, and why Alodia agrees to marry her sister off to King Alejandro. And in The Shattered Mountain , learn how Mara survived her village's destruction before she became Elisa's best friend and handmaiden. A must-have for every fan of Rae Carson's stunning fantasy trilogy!


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Läses av
Jennifer Ikeda, Luis Moreno

Fantasy & magisk realism (barn/ungdomar)
Skönlitteratur & sanna berättelser förbarn &
Läsnivå: från ca 14 år (ungdomar)
Åldersgrupper: ungdomar
Genusvetenskap: kvinnor
Genusvetenskap, genusgrupper