Joey and Johnny, the Ninjas: Get Mooned

av Kevin Serwacki, Chris Pallace
6t 6m Läses av Mark Turetsky

Förlagets beskrivning

Congratulations! By turning this book over, you have effectively snuck up on the two ninjas on the front cover. STRIKE NOW! Find your own inner ninja and release the five-headed hydra palm, or perform the spinning ax-kick of One Thousand Band-Aids. Go ahead—you could use the training. I can tell. Perhaps I will let you take their places at my school, Kick Foot Academy. There you will learn the secret ways of the NINJA. Within this volume lay the answers to all these questions: How do you take attendance in stealth class? Can Joey and Johnny be bested by a mollusk? When is Soup Day? Why should you fear it? Will Red Moon Academy truly stop at nothing to shut down KFA? You are moments away from knowing this and more. Join Joey and Johnny as they attempt to survive their classes, fulfill impossible missions, and defeat Red Moon. You will find, as they have, that the path of the ninja is long, dangerous, and very slippery in socks. . . .


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