Danish basic course

av Univerb
2t 40m

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Man hör frasen först på engelska och sedan två gånger på danska. Kursen består av 422 fraser, ca 3000 ord fördelade på 37 avsnitt med 3 timmars speltid. Univerb language courses are based on the well-known method: Listen - Repeat - Learn! This course is bilingual which simply means that every phrase you hear is first spoken in English then repeated slowly in Danish, allowing you to easily obtain the correct pronounciation. A short pause after each phrase allows you to practise saying the phrase yourself, then the phrase is repeated at normal speed. It is easy to keep up the pace and you decide when and where you want to practise learning your new language. To make this course interesting and useful, we concentrate on words and phrases you can immediately use upon arrival in a foreign country. Each course consists of: 3 hours of teaching on 3 CDs, 2 text booklets and a combined mini-grammar and study guide.


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