German Course (form Arabic)

av Ann-Charlotte Wennerholm
2t 46m

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German Basic Course. Listen-Repeat-Learn Listen: Hear a phrase first in Arabic and then twice in German Repeat: Practice at your own pace and learn the pronunciation Learn: You may begin to start using your new language within a few exercises This is a bilingual (Arabic to German) downloadable course in German. The course contains of 3 hours MP3/AAC-file downloaded recorded material and 2 course booklets in PDF-format. The textbooks follow the chapters of the recording. This introductory course is both in German and Arabic and contains the following 37 chapters: 1. Common expressions – when you meet someone 2. The cardinal numbers 3. The ordinal numbers 4. The time 5. The days of the week 6. The months 7. The seasons 8. The weather 9. The colours 10. By train 11. By air 12. At the airport 13. At passport control / at customs 14. At the hotel 15. Breakfast 16. Renting a car 17. At garage/ at the petrol station 18. By bus 19. By underground 20. By taxi 21. Giving directions 22. Common expressions – when you are in need of help 23. At the bank 24. At the post office 25. Telephoning 26. Common socializing expressions 27. At the restaurant 28. Food 29. Drinks 30. Purchases and shopping 31. At the doctor’s 32. At the chemist’s 33. Common expressions – in emergencies 34. On the beach 35. Entertainment 36. Excursions 37. Sport You will learn approximately 800 new words. In everyday speech a person uses between 500 and 1500 words. According to the scale provided by the European Council’s levels of Language Proficiency, you will have mastered level A1 at the completion of this course. This implies that you will be familiar with the most common words and basic phrases related to your immediate surroundings, a well as being able to read common names and simple sentences. You will be able to converse when your interlocutor speaks clearly and slowly. You will be able to complete basic application forms.


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