Mankind's Universe

av Joakim Munkhammar

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Life on Earth is threatened by asteroid impacts, supernovas, volcanic eruptions, ice ages, global warming and ecological disasters – all of which has almost eradicated life on Earth at several occasions in history. Through biological evolution life has risen in new forms after each global near-death experience. Now, in order to withstand the hostile environment of the universe, the process of evolution has forged a new weapon: mankind. With the power of thought and the ability to cooperate, humans have the potential to do something where previous creatures on Earth have failed: to improve conditions for life and to save it by spreading it to the cosmos. Mankind’s Universe stretches from the beginning of the universe, through the origin of life and the history of mankind to the future where we ourselves decide our fate. It is primarily directed to science enthusiasts and young adults with a scientifi c and technical oriented education. It can be used in educational purpose. DR. JOAKIM MUNKHAMMAR (born 1982) holds six university degrees in mathematics, physics and engineering sciences, including a PhD in en gineering sciences from Uppsala University, Sweden. His current research focuses on solar energy and its applications. He has also participated in research on applied mathematics and astrophysics, and is an avid popular science writer.


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