A Global View for a worldwide workforce

av Gwyneth Olofsson

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Gwyneth Olofsson wrote the articles in A Global View for the staff magazine of a global automotive corporation. Her columns were translated into eleven languages, and up to 90,000 copies were distributed worldwide. They were written to be read by the whole workforce, from the shop floor to the boardroom, and proved to be very popular. The articles appeared between 2000 to 2015, a period when globalization changed the nature of many workplaces. In these years more and more people came to realize that international contacts were now a routine part of their working weeks. Prepared or not, hundreds of thousands of employees found that they were now part of a worldwide workforce and they had to adjust to working with colleagues located on the other side of the globe. A Global View contains seventy-eight of the best of Gwyneth’s articles. Anyone interested in recent changes in the nature of the workplace, or in the routine misunderstandings which are part of being part of a worldwide workforce, will find plenty to enjoy in this book. Gwyneth Olofsson is owner of Communico, an international training and consulting company based in Sweden. She was raised and educated in England but now lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Author of three books on language and culture, her second book When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh was on the list of Outstanding Academic Titles drawn up by the American Library Association. www.communico.o.se


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