av Ron G. Larsson

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Super Short Query. This book is even for you who do not read on regular basis. It is easily consumed with regular people in it with more or less ordinary lives. If you like action filled suspense together with love, and all kinds of humor in the mix, I am sure you will enjoy my creation UNFORGIVABLE , because I had a blast writing it. Very, Very Briefly. Johnny Ranger is passing through a cold glistening spectacle of beauty on his way to Boontown for some R&R after a couple of hectic weeks on the road. Peacefully minded by the scenic route over the mountain ridge he is parking in front of town’s small bookshop Word by Word. Taking a deep breath of fresh air he steps out of Black Bullet just when all hell breaks loose, and this little quaint ski resort will never be the same again. During the hunt for the perpetrators, who killed three people, fearlessness is almost costing Johnny his life multiple times. The pursuit is fanning out to lot more ruthlessly intrigued forces than he could ever imagine when he raced after the first ones out of the small dismayed town in a borrowed stolen old car. WARNING! This Action Thriller contains some sexual related contents, foul language, graphic violence and death. Be aware of; that the above warning contents are strongly counteracted by love, tenderness, romance, trust, friendship and humor. Even sarcasm that tends to both funny and bad is popping up randomly. Ready for all that? Yes? Well OK then; knock yourself out and enjoy.


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Modern & samtida skönlitteratur 1945
Deckare & kriminalromaner
Läsnivå: från ca 14 år (ungdomar)