From Heart to Heart

av Lena Rimas, Otto Rimas

Förlagets beskrivning

THIS IS A RUSSIAN E-BOOK. Information in Russian about the book can be found at ”From Heart to Heart” is a practical book about Christian counselling where personal care about others is in focus. The purpose of the book is guiding in how to meet and support people in need. The different sections of the book deal with the foundation of Christian counselling, give different perspectives of counselling and describe important aspects of how to meet the individual in a helpful way. The authors frequently refer to modern theory and practice from the wide area of counselling. At the same time the book is based on biblical values and ethics and points at Jesus as a role model for helping others. This makes the book a unique resource for understanding how to help others through personal counselling. The book can be used in individual studies as well as in group studies. Each chapter offers a number of study questions for further discussion and reflection. The book is illustrated in black and white. 235 pages. Lena and Otto Rimas work as Bible teachers at Mariannelunds folkhögskola in Sweden since 1978.


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