The Shepherd

av Lena Rimas, Otto Rimas

Förlagets beskrivning

Far up in the Carpathian mountains, the Romanian shepherd culture still lives, vivid and rich. In this book, inspired by the beauty of nature, earth and heaven meet. It offers encouragement and comfort, it inspires hope and faith. When the images from the life of the shepherd meet the biblical texts about the shepherd, both gain new dimensions. Short meditations about life add yet another depth to this book. The Shepherd is a book for peace and reflection where photos, Scripture and poetic texts create an atmosphere of adoration of the Creator and thankfulness for life. The book is also a unique documentation of an environment and a culture which is threatened and risks to be lost forever in the expanding modern society. The book is illustrated with over 50 photos in full colour. 75 pages. Lena and Otto Rimas work as Bible teachers at Mariannelunds folkhögskola in Sweden since 1978.


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