While We're Apart

av Ellie Dean
9t 54m Läses av Penelope Freeman

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The compelling new Second World War novel from Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author of Some Lucky Day . It is 1942 and England is at war. Mary Jones has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and said goodbye to her childhood sweetheart Jack, when she learns that her house has taken a direct hit during a tip and run raid. With both her parents dead and her home destroyed, a distraught Mary moves in with Jack’s parents. But her father's trunk is still intact amid the ruins, and Mary discovers a shocking secret amongst his diaries. Mary travels to Cliffehaven on the south coast in search of answers. Here she is billeted with Peggy Reilly’s fearsome sister, Doris. When warm-hearted Peggy befriends Mary, she discovers the young woman’s secret. But she begins to regret getting involved, for there can only be trouble ahead...


Antal betyg: 4
Jenny Gudmundsson

well written book and very down to earth. Proving even though their men left for the war, tht life continued at home.

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Random House
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Penelope Freeman

Andra världskriget, 1939 - 1945
Skönlitteratur: romaner & noveller
Södra & sydöstra England
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