The Picture of Dorian Gray

av Oscar Wilde
5t 48m

Förlagets beskrivning

Penguin Classics presents Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray adapted for audio and now available as a digital download as part of the Penguin English Library series. read by the actor John Moffatt. 'I am jealous of everything whose beauty does not die. I am jealous of the portrait you have painted of me ... Why did you paint it? It will mock me some day - mock me horribly!' A story of evil, debauchery, and scandal, Oscar Wilde's only novel tells of Dorian Gray, a beautiful yet corrupt man. When he wishes that a perfect portrait of himself would bear the signs of ageing in his place, the picture becomes his hideous secret, as it follows Dorian's own downward spiral into cruelty and depravity. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a masterpiece of deals made in fear and ignorance, and the evil in men's hearts, and is as controversial and alluring as Wilde himself. Part of a series of vintage recordings taken from the Penguin Archives. Affordable, collectable, quality productions - perfect for on-the-go listening.


Antal betyg: 14
Wictoria Insulan

Vackert språk, bra inläsning. En tänkvärd klassiker med många "aforismer" som lever sitt eget liv, precis som Dorian Grays porträtt.

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