Mum's List

av St John Greene
8t 52m Läses av Peter Kenny

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The unabridged, digital audiobook edition of St John Greene's heartwarming memoir, Mum's List, read by the actor Peter Kenny. 'Kiss boys two times after I have gone' 'Please teach the boys to say what they mean' 'Mummy loved orange Club biscuits, jam and jelly and lemon curd' On her deathbed, Kate Greene's only concern was for her two little boys, Reef and Finn, and her loving husband, Singe. She knew she'd be leaving them behind very soon. Over her last few days, Kate created Mum's List. The couple talked and cried together as she wrote her thoughts and wishes down, trying to help the man she loved create the best life for their boys after she was gone. It wasn't the first time Singe and Kate had faced the spectre of death. Four years earlier, doctors discovered a large lump in baby Reef 's abdomen. Kate, pregnant with Finn, was so distressed that she gave birth dangerously early. Both boys pulled through, but afterwards Kate received the diagnosis that every woman dreads . . .


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