Getting More

av Stuart Diamond
16t 26m Läses av Colin Mace

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The unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Getting More, the negotiation bible by the world's leading negotiator: Stuart Diamond. Read by the actor Colin Mace. You're always negotiating. Whether making a business deal, talking to friends or booking a holiday, negotiation is going on. And most of us are terrible at it. Experts tell us to negotiate as if we live in a rational world. But people can be angry, fearful and irrational. To achieve your goals you have to be able to deal with the unpredictable. In Getting More, negotiation expert Stuart Diamond reveals the real secrets behind getting more in any negotiation - whatever more means to you. Getting More is accessible, jargon-free, innovative ... and it works. About the author: Stuart Diamond runs the most popular course at Wharton, often ranked as the world's best business school. He has advised leading companies and organisations - from Google to the UN - on how to make deals. His unique negotiating process has settled thousands of disputes, including the Hollywood Writers' Strike.


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