The Official Book of Me

av Marlene Wallach
176 tryckta sidor

Förlagets beskrivning

Take care of yourself with style using this ultimate wellness guide, tailored to tweens and packed with tips, quizzes, and advice from a modeling agency executive. Would you rather feel great, or look great? You don’t have to choose with The Official Book of Me , because this collection of guidance for healthy and happy living will help you radiate beauty inside and out. A custom-cultivated combination of the best info from the previously published My Self and My Life , both from Wilhemina Kids & Teens modeling agency president Marlene Wallach, The Official Book of Me covers a broad spectrum of wellness information. From healthy nutrition and exercise habits to the art of negotiating and relaxation techniques, the content of this indispensible book will help you discover your uniqueness and be the best you can be.


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