av Michael Albertson, Ellen Albertson
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Eating and sex have never been such titillating bedfellows. From the time Casanova proclaimed oysters a spur to the spirit and to love, aphrodisiacs have been coveted for their sexually stimulating effects. However, the best ways to release and ignite their power have been shrouded in mystery. Now, Ellen and Michael Albertson expose the hidden delights of aphrodisiacs -- ones you know about and many that will surprise you. From virgin-fresh basil to searing chiles, from edible blossoms to intoxicating vanilla, they present more than one hundred delicious and bedroom-tested edibles that are quickly made, fast-acting, and available in your pantry or supermarket. Here, too, are tips for incorporating aphrodisiacs into a creative love life -- including massage, aromatherapy, and foreplay. Revealing new scientific discoveries and the secrets of lovers throughout the ages, the Albertsons show you how to: Create more powerful orgasms with vitamins, minerals, and herbs Design a six-day eating plan that will get you in shape for a weekend of sex Prepare an erotic meal with only a few ingredients Build a bigger, better penis And more Temptations will prepare you for tonight and beyond.


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