Revenge of the Titan

av Zoe Evans
224 tryckta sidor

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Maddy’s cheerleading squad is almost ready for big competition—but first she must figure out if her new friend is really a frenemy. The Grizzlies are finally facing their first competition—Get Up and Cheer! Maddy is super excited for the competition, and the Grizzles have been training hard and look better than ever. But life’s not all pom-poms and sunshine for Maddy. For one thing, she’s got to figure out why she’s suddenly Public Enemy #1, according to mean girl Clementine Prescott. Maddy is pretty sure her budding friendship with Katie Parker (Clementine’s BFF) might have something to do with it, but given the fact that Katie still refuses to acknowledge her in public, it’s not like Maddy can count on Katie for any real support. Once thing is for sure....If anyone can handle all this drama, it’s Maddy!


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Brigette Barrager

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