What Not to Name Your Baby

av Joe Borgenicht
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The perfect antidote to the boring baby-naming books -- a hilarious guide for expecting parents on what NOT to name their baby! What better way to choose the perfect name than by ruling out those names that are off-limits? Joe Borgenicht offers more than a thousand names, complete with pronunciation and definitions, that absolutely, positively cannot be used for a child. But don't worry, there are exceptions to the rules, and a lot of names will work just fine, especially if there's something wrong with you. Sections of the book include: Movie Mania (Morhpeus, Maverick, and Starsky); It's the 21st Century: Move On! (Murray, Irving, and Ethel); and Shop at the Mall, Not the Nursery (Timberland, Lucky, and Armani). There are hilarious sidebars and lists, like: Infamous Dictators (Saddam, Benito, and Manuel); Famous Sidekicks (Robin, Tonto, and Garfunkel); and First Voted Off the Island Survivors (Sonja, Debb, and Peter); and more! We've all heard the bad ones: Moon Unit (Zappa), Sailor Lee (Brinkley), Chastity (Bono). With an edgy and often politically incorrect sense of humor, What Not to Name Your Baby is certain to help expecting parents be creative, without scarring their child for life -- at least not with a name.


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