Multiple Sclerosis

av Louis Rosner, Shelley Ross
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The most trusted book on multiple sclerosis, updated and revised with the latest research in combating the disease Once known as the crippler of young adults, now more than 75 percent of MS patients will never need a wheelchair. In Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Louis J. Rosner and Shelley Ross explain that there genuinely is new hope, more than ever before, both for controlling the disease today and curing it tomorrow. Updated with the latest research and terminology, this revised edition gets to the bottom of every treatment option from the tried-and-true to today's cutting-edge and experimental therapies. Its trusted advice covers every step of living with MS, what you need to know, and what you need to ask. Dr. Louis Rosner and Shelley Ross explain what the disease is, who gets it and why, and what people with MS can do to continue living happy and healthy lives. Whether you or your loved one has just been diagnosed with MS or has lived with it for a while, Multiple Sclerosis gives you the information you need to live well with the disease, including: • The diagnosis: how to understand and identify MS as early as possible • The varying symptoms and courses of the disease: how to recognize and treat them • The emotional struggles that come with MS: where to turn for support • The most current medical research and therapies available to MS patients: how to know if they are right for you For decades, this trusted handbook has helped those with MS and their families and friends to treat and understand their disease. Research brings us closer to a cure every day, but until that day comes, patients have, in this book, the very best tool for beating MS -- the facts.


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