Breast-feeding: Top Tips From the Baby Whisperer

av Tracy Hogg, Melinda Blau
160 tryckta sidor

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From the bestselling Baby Whisperer franchise, a concise, detailed, and reassuring guide to feeding your newborn—available exclusively as an ebook. How do I know if my baby is getting enough to eat? How often do I feed her? How can I tell if he's hungry? Feeding your newborn is one of the most emotional and challenging topics facing new parents. With her practical, easy-to-follow program, Tracy Hogg will help you overcome your baby's feeding issues and contains essential information, like: - How to ensure your baby is latched on correctly - What to do if you have a low milk supply - Moving successfully from breast to bottle - When to start solids Filled with direct, reassuring advice, this handy eBook is an essential tool for new parents everywhere.


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