The Heart of a Woman

av Agneta Sjödin
253 tryckta sidor

Förlagets beskrivning

What do you do when your world falls apart? After a rough break-up, Maria suddenly finds herself in New York, hoping that the pulsating city will answer the questions playing like a broken record in her head. Why does this happen over and over? Why does she fall for men incapable of loving and sharing their innermost thoughts? Maria is forced to seek the answers deep within, and for three months she lets the atmosphere of New York guide her toward the lessons life has to offer. Her journey becomes a bewildering and challenging adventure. The people she meets all have different ways of showing her how to feel proud and strong. “Learn how to wait without waiting,” says psychic Vanya. “Focus on what you want, and not on what you’ve lost,” urges the dancer Gus. Through the stories her new friends tell, she gains an insight into herself that she has never experienced before, and she learns how to love -- most of all, herself. But will that be enough? Can Maria avoid the dark depths within and resist the lure of the wrong kind of man? David is waiting for her at home, and he refuses to let go.


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