A Theory of Relativity

van Jacquelyn Mitchard
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“[An] astonishing pleasure.” — Seattle Times “A graceful, moving, and compelling novel. Jacquelyn Mitchard at her finest.” —Scott Turow, author of Innocent A poignant and unforgettable novel from Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of the monumental New York Times bestsellers The Deep End of the Ocean and The Most Wanted , A Theory of Relativity is a powerful tale that explores the emotional dynamics and dramas of two families fighting for custody of a young child . The very first author selected by the Oprah Book Club, Mitchard is a matchless, wise, and warm chronicler of families and their human foibles—and A Theory of Relativity is contemporary women’s fiction at its best, a must-read for fans of Sue Miller, Jane Hamilton, and Elizabeth Berg.

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