Basics + office programs on the tablet (and pc)

van M.D. Bolle

Beschrijving uitgeverij

No, this book is not another manual. Yes, it is THE BOOK to learn among other things how to use the standard Office-Programs, and even more, at your Tablet. This book, with references to the similar procedures on the computer, is a lot more than a traditional manual, it is rather an addendum to the manual of the Tablet. In short finally it’s a practical reference guide or a must how to do more with your Tablet. Step by step you will learn with simply and clarifying descriptions and at an easy and accessible way how to find more and also other, not always well known possibilities, of the Tablet. You will learn how: to make your own documents to edit other documents to manage and organize all the files/folders a lot more useful information You will have no longer excuse to postpone or to hesitate to make a nice presentation of the latest vacation or party or other event.

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