Great to Cool

van Rene CW Boender

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René C.W. Boender (1958) was barely twenty years old when his international career in marketing and advertising took off. The American McCann company offered him the chance of a lifetime! He participated in a number of advertising campaigns for major brands, among which were Goodyear and Coca-Cola, Ola and L'Oréal, and also Nestlé and H&M. At the start of the nineties he established his own agency: BBCW. As of the year 2000 he tours the world as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and con- sultant to large international companies and CEOs, as a brain agent, innovation futurist and trendteller. Great to Cool is the book he promised his audience to write. In this book he energetically shares his vast knowledge, experience, and insights, by way of brain candies with a bite. Enhancing business happiness is René Boender's primary goal, in his keynotes as well as in this book. Page after page, you will find yourself becoming happier. 100% sure!

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