van Josin L. McQuein
10u56m Gelezen door Tara Sands, Tristan Morris

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The Arclight refugees thought they were the only survivors. But they were wrong. More people are out there, somewhere. But so are more terrifying dangers. The Fade—the creatures that destroyed civilization—are not finished. They thought she was their last hope. And they might be right. Marina may be the one who can save them. If she doesn't lead them straight into disaster. The Arclight has secrets. The base is supposed to keep them safe, but it is hiding secrets darker and older than Marina and her friends realize. Don't go to sleep. It's in your nightmares that the Fade will find you.

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Gelezen door
Tara Sands, Tristan Morris

Jeugd: Avonturen
Jeugd: Horror & spookverhalen
Jeugd: Tiener-fictie & waargebeurde verhalen
Voor kinderen vanaf 14 jaar
Leeftijdsgroepen: Adolescenten & pubers
Jeugd: Wetenschap & technologie