Stop Whining, Start Living

van Dr. Laura Schlessinger
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Dr. Laura Schlessinger steps in to help folks conquer the widespread, poor me mindset and take action to do and be their best in Stop Whining, Start Living , her most personal book to date. Building on the principles developed during her long career as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Laura issues an important message: If you don’t like your life, quit talking about your unhappiness and try to fix it. In Stop Whining, Start Living , Dr. Laura’s powerful lessons include: Why giving, giving, and giving some more to others is a gift to yourself too Why over-talking about your troubles is a big don’t and when to just shut up! How to reshape your self-image and reboot your relationships to get the life you want Everyone can use a kick in the pants sometimes, and Dr. Laura is here to deliver it!

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