Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Haunted House

van Doug Cushman
0u7m Gelezen door Sean Schemmel

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In the town of Ghostly, where every house is haunted, two ghosts are frightened. . . . Someone is haunting them with mysterious sounds: Clack, cluckity-cluck bing, blub blub . Or is it click, cluck-clackity cling, flub flub ? They can't agree on what the sounds are, but they know they're not ghostly noises. What could be more scary? Good thing ace reporter Dirk Bones is on the case. Dirk writes for the town newspaper, The Ghostly Tombs , and as he collects the facts for his stories, he also solves mysteries. As Dirk investigates this zany case, he encounters more silly, creepy creatures in a town full of promise for more surprising mysteries to come.

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Geïllustreerd door
Doug Cushman
Gelezen door
Sean Schemmel

Jeugd: Fictie algemeen
Jeugd: Misdaad & mysterie
Jeugd: Humor