Agent X

van Noah Boyd
11u23m Gelezen door John Pruden

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“Vail is in the mold of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Robert Crais’s Joe Pike….This guy has movie written all over him.” — Chicago Sun-Times “Fans of Sam Spade and Jack Reacher will feel right at home with this new tough guy.” — Boston Globe “We have a new American hero in Steve Vail.” —Patricia Cornwell Steve Vail, former discarded covert operative and the FBI’s new go-to guy for the toughest jobs, returns in Agent X —the pulse-pounding follow-up to the explosive New York Times bestselling debut thriller by Noah Boyd, The Bricklayer . A former FBI agent himself, author Boyd pulls out all the stops in Agent X —as “the Bricklayer” hunts down an elusive Russian spy in a taut and authentic thriller that rivals the very best of Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, Stephen Hunter, and Robert Ludlum.

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