Some Remarks

van Neal Stephenson
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“Neal Stephenson has made a name for himself as a writer whose imagination knows no limits.” — Salon #1 New York Times bestselling author Neal Stephenson is, quite simply, one of the best and most respected writers alive. He’s taken sf to places it’s never been ( Snow Crash , Anathem ). He’s reinvented the historical novel (The Baroque Cycle), the international thriller ( Reamde ), and both at the same time ( Cryptonomicon ). Now he treats his legion of fans to Some Remarks , an enthralling collection of essays—Stephenson’s first nonfiction work since his long essay on technology, In the Beginning…Was the Command Line , more than a decade ago—as well as new and previously published short writings both fiction and non. Some Remarks is a magnificent showcase of a brilliantly inventive mind and talent, as he discourses on everything from Sir Isaac Newton to Star Wars .

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