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Rome probably is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe. Dan Brown's book and motion picture Angels and Demons has given a renewed spin and interest in all things touristy, Catholicism and Roman. Follow the footstep of the lead characters as they flip through Rome trying to save the world. The audio tour visits the marks in Rome that has so captivated so many. Much mention is also made of street life, ancient wisdom, trinkets of information and wisely warn you to refrain from taking a dip in the wondrous plentiful fountains. The audio tour leaves you standing, cleansed of fact from fiction, at the pillar in front of the holiest of holly. Specifications Season: All year round Time of day: Day light and pending opening hours of churches Language: American English Length: Walking entire tour is possible, however suggested to take metro or taxi for lengthy treks Table of contents Chapter 1 - Welcome to Angels & Demons Chapter 2 - Introduction to Angels and Demons Chapter 3 - Starting point Piazza Popolo Chapter 4 - Piazza Popolo Chapter 5 - Directions to Santa Maria Popolo church Chapter 6 - Santa Maria Popolo church Chapter 7 - Directions to the crypt of the Capuchins Chapter 8 - Crypt of the Capuchins Chapter 9 - Directions to Piazza Barberini Chapter 10 - Piazza Barberini Chapter 11 - Directions to Santa Maria Vittoria Church Chapter 12 - Santa Maria Vittoria Church Chapter 13 - Direction to Quirinal Hill Chapter 14 - Quirinal Hill Chapter 15 - Directions to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Chapter 16 - Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Chapter 17 - Directions to Pantheon Chapter 18 - Pantheon Chapter 19 - Directions to the inside of the Pantheon Chapter 20 - Inside the Pantheon Chapter 21 - Directions to Piazza Navona Chapter 22 - Piazza Navona Chapter 23 - Directions to Via della Maschera d'oro Chapter 24 - Via della Maschera d'oro Chapter 25 - Directions to Via dei Coronari Chapter 26 - Via dei Coronari Chapter 27 - Directions to the Bridge of Angels Chapter 28 - Bridge of Angels Chapter 29 - Directions to Castle Sant'Angelo Chapter 30 - Castle Sant'Angelo Chapter 31 - Directions to Vatican Chapter 32 - The Vatican Chapter 33 - Directions to Obelisk Chapter 34 - Obelisk on Saint Peters square Chapter 35 - Farewell

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