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In a lovely beautiful town in Great Brittan called Oxford lived far too many clever people with many grey brain cells. They had several common goals, to complete loads of homework, to get smarter and obtain academic degrees. These goals have been so as far as anybody (and any history book) could remember. Oxford is one of the main centres of learning in Great Brittan. The audio tour takes you through the historic centre of Oxford past some of the great learning institutes, place of interest and useful pubs. The narrator informs you with twists and a puns about one of the older towns of Britain. The audio tour starts at Radcliff square, stopping at the history museum, science museum, dead man’s walk, Trinity college, the best hotel in town, bridge of sigh, botanical garden and many other interesting stops. Specifications Walk Duration : 90 minutes (app.) Distance: Circa 5 kilometre or 3,2 miles Season: All year round Time of Day: Day light Language: English with American accent Voice: Female Must try: Beer sausage Table of contents Introduction to Oxford The University Church and Radcliffe Camera The History of Science Museum The Sheldonian Theatre The Bridge of Sighs The Holywell Music Room Trinity College The Museum of Natural History 'The Eagle and Child' and the 'Lamb and Flag' The Randolph Hotel and Ashmolean Museum Martyrs' Memorial St. Michael's Tower Tom Tower and Christ Church College Dead Man's Walk The Botanic Garden and Magdalen College Goodbye

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