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This 90 minute tour will guide you through Rembrandt’s Amsterdam of the 17th century. Aged 25, Rembrandt arrives in Amsterdam with little more than his talent. In a short time he becomes the most famous painter of Amsterdam. 400 years on, the Dutch are still celebrating his genius. Stand up comedian Ryan Gowland will bring you up to date, in brisk modern language, on Rembrandt’s highs and lows, love affairs gone haywire, his stubbornness, the masters obsession with curios items, Rembrandt’s tragedies and much more. His painting career might have been a success, his personal life was not. The tour begins on the Rembrandt square, at the masters feet. Specification Durance: 90 minutes (app.) Distance: 2 kilometres Season: all year round Time of day: all day, we advise 09:00 – 17:00 (opening hours museums) Language: English/American Calories burned: 500 Kcal # Footsteps: 7842 # Amsterdammertjes along the way: 34 Change of sun: 42 percent Table of contents Intro Rembrandt Rembrandt Square Nieuwe Doelen Huis Doelen Hotel Staalhof Zuiderkerk Rembrandthuis De Waag Oude Kerk Royal Palace Westerkerk and Jordaan Goodbye

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