Live The Secret

van Roy Martina

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This audio book is intended to tune your energy into the Universe and what you truly desire in your life. By listening to this audio book daily, you stand more and more in your own power and it becomes easier to completely tune into the frequency of your dreams, goals and desires, and to attract what you want. This audio book is intended to be a magnet and compass for all of your dreams, goals and desires. You are able to tune into anything you want in a cheerful and positive way by being grateful for all that you already have in your life, and by not letting yourself be carried away by negativity. This audio book helps you to tune into the Universe, so that the right people and situations come, onto your path, apparently coincidentally. More and more it seems that you are born under a lucky star, because you effortlessly attract everything. You will notice that more and more opportunities come into your life. You become a master in attracting and manifesting whatever you want. Every day you become more aware of your dreams, goals and desires. You feel cheerful because every day you get closer to the realization and manifestation of everything you want. You will effortlessly attract positivity, abundance, love, healing, harmony and success into your life.

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