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van Roy Martina

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Are you willing to join me on a journey on a magical carpet to a safe place? A place where you feel great? Of course you can bring a friend! The carpet is large enough and you can´t fall off. You fly to a magical world where everything is possible. While you are on your journey to many beautiful places you meet your magical animal friends. Together with Dolphin you swim in a beautiful ocean. You play and have lots of fun. You are just as happy as Dolphin. You love to laugh and to have fun. You continue your journey and meet a beautiful red fox who can talk. Fox tells you that he will make you as smart as he is. From now on you learn much easier than ever before, and you easily solve any difficulties. Panda is very proud of you and makes sure that you always feel great and that you can do anything you want. Wise Owl gives you his power and wisdom and makes sure that you stand up for yourself and that you are no longer scared of anyone. Magic Chimpanzee makes you a star and gives you monkey humor, so that you are always happy and cheerful. The voice of the wizard teaches you how to magically achieve everything you want. After this journey you have the magical powers of Dolphin, Fox, Panda, Wise Owl and Magic Chimpanzee inside of you!

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