Deep Relaxation

van Roy Martina

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This audio book is intended to purify and cleanse your body from stress by using special relaxation inductions and to achieve complete relaxation for body and mind. By listening to this audio book on a regular basis you will become more energetic, more vital, biologically younger, healthier and happier. This audio book is intended to purify and cleanse the body from stress on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is based on the following five principles: - The first principle is the power of intention. What you focus on becomes your reality. - The second principle is the power of programming your autonomic nervous system, so everything you want becomes an automatism. - The third principle is the synergy created by the integration of both hemispheres, making them work together optimally, which means that stress no longer affects you. - The fourth principle is the power of relaxation. The better you relax, the better your body can handle stress hormones. - The last principle is the healing of stress sensitivity caused by conflicts and traumas that are not cleared. While listening to the audio book, imagine yourself lying in a hammock between two palm trees on a beautiful beach and achieve deep relaxation.

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