Seven Books for Seven Lovers

van Molly Harper, Stephanie Haefner, Liora Blake, Gabra Zackman, Andrea Laurence, Colette Auclair, Victoria Van Tiem, Lindsay Jill Roth, Rachel Goodman, Kate Meader, Jessica Sims
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Get more bang for your buck with this exclusive ebook boxed set, featuring seven full-length contemporary romances and extended teasers of five other books, perfect for every romance reader! This boxed set features seven delightful full-length contemporary romance novels. The stories range from two women struggling to keep their lingerie shop afloat while juggling romance in Try Me On For Size , to a horseback riding teacher trying to ignore advances from the hunky Hollywood actor who also happens to be the father of one of her students in Thrown , to a woman actually living a fairytale—that is, until her sexy ex shows up to throw a wrench in all her plans in Love Like the Movies . Seven Books for Seven Lovers is the perfect collection of charming love stories for any voracious reader!

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