Pinky goes to Pinkyland Chinese editie

van Dick Laan

Beschrijving uitgeverij

This is the Chinese edition of the famous Dutch gnome Pinky. Pinky, a little man not bigger than your pinky, is recognizable by his white beard and his blue pointed cap. One day Pinky receives a letter from Pinkylotje in which she asks him to come back to Pinkyland. Pinky wants this very much but he finds it sad to say goodbye to Wobblytail, Whiskers and the mice. He leaves in a small paper plane that is pulled by eights may-bugs. When the glue of the plane comes off, the may-bugs try to make a crash-landing, but they fail. Pinky falls into a sock that is drying at a clothesline. Thank goodness! Then the long, adventurous journey really starts. Pinky travels in a box with eggs, at the end of a ski, on the back of a swallow, and a camel and at last mr. Stork bringts him to the high mountain, where Pinkyland is. There, after all these years, Pinky sees his Pinkylotje again. And do they live happily ever after? Read for yourself!

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Van Holkema & Warendorf

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