Lieberman's Day

van Stuart M. Kaminsky

Beschrijving uitgeverij

When his nephew is killed by a mugger, Lieberman will do anything to bring his family justice In a posh part of Chicago’s North Side, two Trinidadian men look for someone to jump. Waiting outside an apartment building, they see a couple shivering in the cold as they make their way to their car. The Trinidadians draw guns, demand money—and quickly go too far. Shots ring out, and the muggers run. Behind them, the man is dead, and his pregnant wife lays bleeding in the street. The murder victim is the nephew of Abe Lieberman, one of the most dignified cops in Chicago homicide. When he learns of the killing, Lieberman’s calm façade cracks. As he works with his partner, Bill Hanrahan, to find the killers, Lieberman makes a pact with the devil—ready to sacrifice everything if it means finding the men who gunned his nephew down in the street.

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